Maggie Petkovic was born 20.02.1992. With a Serbian father and a Norwegian mother. Maggie grew up on the east side of Oslo, Norway, and was introduced to music at an early age.

Maggie’s father worked as a booking agent during her upbringing for artists like Bonny M, Toto and Johnny Logan. Maggie grew up backstage, with her father working late hours and her interest for music started to grow. With India Arie, Anastacia, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and Beyoncé as childhood idols, Maggie began singing at the age of 7 and playing saxophone and piano at the age of 9. She was early introduced the music industry and had recorded several advertising-songs for children’s toys at the age of 10, playing on the radio and on TV.

Maggie was introduced to the stage at the age of 12, through her father’s work. Always preforming, for his artists during brakes and after shows. Maggie constantly worked in her home studio, writing lyrics and composing music. This is how she found and nourished her deep love for soul and R&B.

Further on in her upbringing, Maggie found out that she wanted to study music and started at a musical high school with majors in vocals, drama theatre and piano.

Maggie has for many years engaged herself for the local youth community, as a vocal teacher and dance choreographer as well as focused on creating her own music.

At the age of 18, Maggie started as a backup singer for Nico & Vinz. Working with the duo, she has performed at various festivals in Norway, Sweden and Germany. As well as warming up for artists like Snoop Dog and Xzibit. She was also a backup singer for other Norwegian artists like: Danny Maroc, Cezinando, OMVR and Omer Bhatti.

Today, Maggie takes her inspiration from various artists, like: NAO, JP Cooper, HER, Bryson Tiller and Kehlani. She defines her music as R&B/pop and with Maggie’s original voice and creativity, she captivates her audience with her lyrics and emotions.

Maggie is someone to look out for!